Posted by: Larry Smith Jr. | February 5, 2010

Back To The Future

What’s a blogger to do when there’s nothing to write about?  First, he tells you that he’s lying.  There’s alot to write about.  Orlando Hudson signed with the Twins recently, there’s an addendum/post-script to be made on the Justin Verlander signing, there’s an interesting dynamic going on in the MLB pay structure that in some ways mirrors the economic situation in America, Adam Kennedy has signed with the Nationals, I have a theory about Miguel Cabrera, a review of claims that I made about the ’09 Tigers during the pre-season, and a potential quandry with Jeremy Bonderman.   That’s just all off of the top of my head.   So clearly, there are no shortage of topics to write about at the moment.   There isn’t even a shortage of recent and topical things to write about.   Many of the subjects on that list will find their way into the blog over the next week, although once roughly a week passes from a specific transaction, I don’t like to write about due to it being outdated.   This is why I never wrote about the Felix Hernandez extension.   Bear in mind I’m one person, with a full-time job that takes up (including drive time) 13 hours of my day for eight consecutive days every other week.   Some things get lost in the shuffle as a result.    Often when transactions (like the Hernandez signing) happen early in the work week, they’re more likely to be lost.  I really like to get in depth and give full analyses as much as I can instead of a quick one or two paragraph overview in order to give these topics the time that they deserve whenever I can.

And therein lies the trouble.  It’s not the lack of topics, its the lack of time.   In order to fill the gap today, I decided to cull all of the older material I’ve written that I could find and add it to the blog today.   By “older” material, I’m referencing specifically things that I wrote before I started this blog.  Between my hard drive and other sectors of cyberspace that I’ve occupied, I was able to add roughly 10 more articles to the blog.  For those who haven’t read my material prior to the blog or maybe if you have and just missed them the first time around (or if you wanted to look at them with the 20/20 vision of hindsight), it’s a glimpse into the past.  It is a great irony that the time it took to put all of this together and properly edit everything into the blog and create proper tags was so great, I probably could’ve written two original pieces in the time it took to put it together.   Of course, I didn’t realize it until I was almost done — Such is life.

I copied and pasted them from their original locations with very little editing in between and *no* editing that altered the points or information contained within.  A few of them were made clearly before I had an understanding of defensive metrics, and one of them in particular (Detroit Tigers 2008 Winter Meetings Moves) I think is pretty much flat out wrong from start to finish, and I’m not afraid to call myself out on that either.   Others used metrics that are currently outdated although the points within still hold water.   Besides, they still put batting average and RBI on the scoreboards of ballparks and those metrics are far more outdated than any I’ve used in prior writings.

A couple of them (specifically the Abreu/Soriano comparison and the Inge/Polanco comparison) I plan on revisiting again some time this month or in early March.   The goal is to “update” them and compare what I had right back when I first wrote about them, what I had wrong, and what the future bore out.

And so I apologize for the lack of totally new material, but in exchange for “new”, you get an abundance of old.  And some of the “old” is high quality material, especially if you’ve not read it before.   I’ll include links to the individual articles below, but you can also access them from the main page if you scroll to the bottom and continually hit “older links” until you get to them.  I time-stamped them to the dates in which they were originally written, so they now precede the blog introduction as the first posts in the blog.

Why Bobby Abreu Is Better Than Alfonso Soriano

Inge vs. Polanco

Tigers Moves At The 2008 Winter Meetings (This may the most wrong I’ve been about anything.)

A-Rod, Steroids In Baseball, and Other Concerns

Should Clete Thomas Be A Full Time Starter?

Magglio Ordonez, Edwin Jackson, & The World of Misconception

I Don’t Enjoy The MLB Playoffs Like I Used To

Thoughts On Re-Signing Adam Everett and More

Thoughts On The Granderson/E. Jackson Trade

Thoughts On Halladay, Lee, Beane


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