Posted by: Larry Smith Jr. | February 24, 2010

No More Nunchakus Or Swords In MLB Clubhouses

In the wake of the NBA’s debacle with Gilbert Arenas the MLB has added an extra layer to their “no weapons” policy by posting signs in the clubhouses reminding players of the rules.

The rule was installed last season in response to the NFL’s problem with Plaxico Burress, but it appears that the league is taking the extra step of issuing visible warnings as well.   Baseball catches a lot of heat (and deservedly so) as a league for often being behind the curve and being reactive instead of proactive.   While in a way this policy/reinforcement is reactive in that it is a reaction to something that has happened in another league, it is proactive in that baseball did not wait until the problems spilled over into their league to do something.   Listening to Rob Dibble on XM Radio Monday morning, it seems like it was only a matter of time before it did and that such a rule is a very good idea.

Dibble noted that during his playing days he witnessed many locker room brawls in which players brandished weapons against one another and also noted that former relief pitcher Randy Myers — A skilled martial artist who once put those skills on display during a game — Carried nunchakus in the locker room on a regular basis.   Knowing that such things were going on even during Dibble’s day, it seems that it was only a matter of time before something really bad happened. The MLB did well to be proactive and stop a potential problem before it started.

This rule also means that Zack Greinke cannot bring his samurai sword into the clubhouse if he so chose. Guess he’ll have to stick to stabbing the hearts of opposing batters with his wicked curveball.



  1. I always felt that guys who have to show off their weapons were losers, anyway. Can’t believe this rule is just now starting to be taken seriously.

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