Posted by: Larry Smith Jr. | March 8, 2010

The Traveling Mr. Fien

Generally a player of Casey Fien’s pedigree wouldn’t warrant two posts within the span of a week, but considering I spent a number of paragraphs on the last post about him I think that it deserves a second, “update” post that essentially says that while all of the general analysis of the original post is spot on, it needs to now be applied slightly differently.

Why is that? Well because apparently before I even had an opportunity to post the Fien piece, Boston already removed him from their forty-man roster and exposed him to the waiver claim process again, where he was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays. I tried to do a little digging and nobody seems to know why Boston acquired him only to place him on waivers 72 hours later. The Sox apparently do not anticipate acquiring another player (which would require them to make room on their roster, which would be a reason for designating Fien for assignment), and he was only hours removed from completing his physical, so it isn’t the case that the Sox did not like what they saw.

For some (as of now) unknown reason they simply claimed a player off waivers, designating for assignment another player (Gaby Hernandez) to make room for the one they claimed, and 72 hours later without his ever stepping onto the mound even in practice elected to designate him.

And so after having made the drive from Lakeland to Fort Myers, Fien drove from Fort Myers to Dunedin to report to Toronto Blue Jays camp and take a third physical of the Spring (ouch) in order to get going forward with the task of trying to make an opening day roster. He’ll have a much better opportunity to do that with Toronto than he did in either Detroit or Boston, and as was noted in the post regarding his original claim by Boston, he has the minor league pedigree that suggests that he should at least get a legitimate shot at the Major League level.


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